Kayak Pro (99 cents)

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Kayak Pro (99 cents)

Book flights and hotels, prepare a full itinerary and check out the best deals anywhere in the world right from your iPhone. It's the No. 1 travel app for a reason.

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Airbnb (Free)

Looking for the perfect space to relax and enjoy your holiday, but want to skip the sterile banality of hotels? Airbnb hooks you up with people around the world who offer their apartments as rentals.

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Uber (Free)

This app lets you request a private car in any city the service is available, and payments are taken care of automatically to a credit card on file.

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Packing Pro ($2.99)

Never forget your flip-flops or favorite floral print board shorts again with this highly rated travel organization app, which offers a multitude of packing and organizational features.

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Unlike City Guide (Free)

Get the insider's guide to nearly 20 cities around the world and build up a list of your favorite bars, restaurants, sights and secret spots—or share them with your friends.

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Hipmunk (Free)

This app lets you see all the relevant flights you might take on a timeline to help you visualize the choice that's right for you, and sorts flights by the least agonizing schedule.

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LocalEats (99 cents)

Skip the chains and dive right into local goodness with this carefully curated app that brings you only the best dining experiences your location has to offer.

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AllSubway (99 cents)

Ride the rails like a pro wherever you go in the world with this app, which doesn't need an Internet connection to use, so you'll always know where you're going.

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TripLingo (Free)

If you're getting tripped up trying to say "excuse me" auf Deutsche (it's "entschudigung", by the way), this app, with thousands of phrases across a dozen languages, can help you navigate foreign linguistic territory with ease.

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Yelp (Free)

Looking for that must-visit local burger joint or the hottest gallery in town? Yelp can help, and its peer-based review system helps ensure you only get directed to the best spots around.

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