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The Moto Z and Moto Z Force Smartphones

Lenovo's other newly announced smartphones, the Moto Z and the Moto Z Force, feature a series of interchangeable, modular Moto Mod backs that can be snapped onto the phones to add varying features as need by users, including a larger battery, a big-screen projector or a boom box speaker system for over-the-top audio.

Both the Moto Z and Moto Z Force handsets are flagship smartphones that include all-metal bodies, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processors and Moto TurboPower fast charging capabilities. The Moto Z Force also includes the Moto Shattershield display, which is guaranteed not to crack or shatter.

The JBL SoundBoost audio back, the Moto Insta-Share Projector back and the Power Pack back, which adds up to 22 hours of battery life to the device, connect to the Moto Z phones using high-powered magnets. Other modular backs will be released in the future to extend the capabilities of the phones.

The Moto Z, which is just 0.20 inches thick, includes a 5.5-inch quad HD AMOLED display, 4GB of memory, 32GB or 64GB of onboard storage, and a microSD card slot for additional storage. It also features a 13MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization and laser autofocus, a front-facing 5MP camera with a wide-angle lens and a water-repellant coating to protect the handset.

The Moto Z Force will include the same key specifications but will also come with the Moto Shattershield display, a 21MP rear-facing camera and longer battery life.

The Moto Z DROID Edition and Moto Z Force DROID Edition handsets will be available in the U.S. this summer through Verizon, through retailers including Best Buy, and through Moto.com. Prices have not yet been announced. The Moto Z will also be available unlocked on Moto.com and at various retailers this fall.