LG G5 Smartphone Preorders Start, With Official Release April 1

The latest LG G5 flagship phone is being offered by AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon with special promotional giveaways.

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The latest flagship LG G5 modular smartphone can now be preordered from the four major U.S. mobile carriers and is available with several limited-time, free promotional bundles, including one deal that is good only for phones purchased before April 5.

The new 32GB LG G5 is slated to go on sale on April 1.

AT&T is offering G5 preorders with installment plan pricing of $22.97 per month for 30 months on an AT&T Next 24 plan or one payment of $688.99. The devices will ship to customers March 29 and 30.

AT&T customers who buy a G5 are eligible to receive a free extra battery and a charging cradle valued at about $80 if they register for a special LG promotion before May 2 for purchases made through April 17. AT&T is also offering customers a second free LG G5 with the purchase of one LG G5 smartphone when the phones are purchased through installment plans and accompanying mobile service plans. The second device will be credited to the customer in installment bill credits.

AT&T customers who buy an LG G5 on an AT&T Next installment plan are also eligible to purchase an LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE smartwatch for $99.99 with a two-year wireless contract.

Sprint customers can preorder their LG G5 smartphone and get a minimum $150 credit when trading in another smartphone toward the purchase and activation of their new phone, according to Sprint. Preorders are available immediately online and can be done in stores starting March 25. Sprint customers are also eligible to get the free extra battery and charging cradle promotion from LG with the purchase of their new phone.

Sprint customers must purchase their phone on a 24-month installment plan for $24 per month or buy it for the full retail price of $576 to get the promotion. Customers can also buy the phone for $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate via an American Express reward card if they sign up for a new two-year service agreement.

T-Mobile customers can preorder their new LG G5 smartphones beginning March 29 and can also take advantage of the free battery and charging cradle bundle from LG. Purchases must be made before April 17 to be eligible for the promotion.

In addition, those who buy their new LG G5 from T-Mobile before April 5 are also eligible to get a free LG 360 CAM modular attachment for their device. The LG 360 CAM is valued at $200 and is available while supplies last. T-Mobile will offer the G5 for zero down and $26.25 for 23 months, plus a 24th and final payment of $26.24, for a total of $629.99.

Verizon customers can preorder their G5 immediately and also get the free battery and charging cradle bundle as well as the free LG 360 CAM promotion only for purchases made by March 31. Buyers must register their purchases by April 15 to obtain the promotions, which are available while supplies last. Verizon is offering the G5 for $26 a month for 24 months or for one payment of $624.

The LG G5 premium smartphone debuted at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in February and features an all-metal body, a 5.3-inch quad HD IPS display, a modular design, and line of attachments and accessories that bring virtual reality capabilities and more to users. The all-metal design of the LG G5 comes from input from customers who told the company that they wanted to see a device covered with metal rather than the leather-covered back of the previous LG G4 smartphone, according to an earlier eWEEK story.

The G5 features a Qualcomm 820 octa-core processor, 4GB of memory, 32GB of on-board storage, a microSD slot for expanded storage up to 200GB and the Android Marshmallow 6.0 operating system. The G5 continues the G4's tradition of having a removable and replaceable battery. The G5 also has one SIM card slot, dual rear cameras—a 16-megapixel camera with a 78-degree field of view and an 8MP wide-angle camera with a 135-degree field of view—and an 8MP front-facing camera.

The phone's attachable modular accessories include an LG 360 camera module that features two 180-degree cameras that can create 360-degree images, an audio Hi-Fi Plus attachment for improved sound capabilities for music and video audio, and an LG Cam Plus grip, which includes shutter and video camera buttons, a jog dial for video zoom and an embedded battery with another 1,100mAh of power for extended use.

Also available is a 360-degree, full HD 1080p VR headset that connects to the smartphone with a USB-C cord and an LG Friends Manager app that will make it easy to connect the accessories to the smartphone by simply turning the accessories on.

Also available is an LG Rolling Bot, which is a remote controlled rolling "robot" that has a built-in microphone, a speaker and a laser with a "pet mode" that flickers a laser that pets can chase for entertainment. The Rolling Bot can be navigated remotely to move from room to room.