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5. Previous Optimus devices didn’t attract attention

This isn’t the first time LG has tried its luck with a high-end device. For years now, LG has been selling flagship Optimus devices designed for customers willing to pay a bit more for more features. Still, most customers have ignored the Optimus to go elsewhere. That’s a problem for LG, and something that will hold this latest handset launch back.

6. It lacks ubiquity

For now, the LG Optimus G Pro is available only to AT&T customers. That’s an issue. As Apple and Samsung have both proven, having a device available on a wide array of carrier networks is extremely important. And the LG hasn’t been able to follow their lead so far.

7. Its design doesn’t set it apart

The Optimus G Pro appears to be a nice-looking device, but is it really special? The device has a prominent display, rounded edges, and a black finish. In other words, it’s awfully similar to every other smartphone available right now. LG needs to push the envelope on design.

8. The service integration is lacking

One of the key reasons Samsung and Apple are so successful is that they have applications that are fully integrated across all of their products. Both companies have their own application marketplaces, they offer ways to buy music and movies, and they deliver voice-activated services. LG is lacking in that full software integration. It hurts the company’s chances of success.

9. AT&T’s 4G LTE network is behind the curve

By bringing the Optimus G Pro to AT&T, LG is putting itself in a potentially troublesome position. AT&T’s 4G LTE network is still not nearly as accessible as Verizon’s and the company doesn’t even expect to catch up until the end of this year at the earliest. The importance of 4G LTE service cannot be discounted. Customers want to know that they can access the ultra-high-speed service no matter where they are. The trouble is, AT&T isn’t as accommodating on that front as it could be.

10. Timing is off

It’s amazing how many times an Android handset maker will enter the marketplace with a device that is supposed to be an iPhone killer just weeks before Apple launches its own product. As soon as that Android handset launches and starts to attract some attention, Apple announces a produce release event and consumers stand on the sidelines until Apple launches its latest iPhone or tablet. Competing devices that previously hit store shelves earlier tend to be forgotten. LG is falling into that trap with the Optimus G Pro. And once again, it doesn’t appear to understand how to avoid it.

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