Linksys Goes Long with MIMO-based Wireless

MIMO. You may not know this acronym, but if you do wireless networking, you should, because it will likely be in the next access point you buy. Here's a look at LinkSys's first MIMO-based AP and network adapter.

Two large industry "Pre-N" groups, the TGn Sync Group and the World-Wide Spectrum Efficiency (WWSE), each espouse a different approach to achieving 100Mbits/sec of usable throughput in the upcoming 802.11n high-speed wireless standard that will define next-generation wireless technologies.

Leading the WWSE group is Airgo Networks, headed by former Stanford researcher Greg Raleigh. Airgo is a chief proponent of MIMO (multiple in, multiple out, pronounced "MEE-moh") technology which uses multiple radios and multiple antennas and is expected to find its way into the standard in some form. The current iteration of the MIMO chipset has been implemented in the "pre-N" access points from Belkin.

Now LinkSys has a pre-N product on the market. ExtremeTech got one of the first evaluation units LinkSys made available to the tech press and put it through its paces.


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