Linksys, Vonage Offer Wireless Routers for Trade-Ins

Consumers can trade in their old routers to be recycled and receive new ones with Wireless-G networking speed and VOIP service. (

Vonage and router-manufacturer Linksys have partnered to create what they hope will be an offer customers cant refuse. Starting on June 12, and for six weeks after, consumers will be able to trade in any router for one of Linksys Wireless-G routers with two phone ports for VOIP for free after-rebates, when signing up for Vonages phone service.

"This promotion is the first of its kind in retail and is an unparalleled upgrade opportunity," said Glen McLaughlin, Linksys vice president of North American retail sales. "Together with Vonage and our retail partners, we are providing our latest product featuring the fast networking speed of Wireless-G and high quality VOIP service in a simple integrated solution."

"As more Americans are moving to wireless networks, they can now easily configure their systems to utilize Vonages leading phone service through equipment from a company known for its high performance and reliability," Vonage Holdings Corp. Senior Vice President of Sales Matthew Deatrick added.

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Shoppers who want to take advantage of the promotion can visit Best Buy, Circuit City, Comp USA, or, among others, and buy a router for $129.99. Rebate forms will be printed during checkout, and then its a matter of activating the Vonage service and sending in the old router to Linksys.

Though it might be a hassle filling out forms and mailing in the retired router, the offer will present the opportunity for the non-first-adopters to pick up a wireless router, one which is said to be five times faster than a Wireless-B standard—which means a better ability to play games online, use VOIP (voiceover IP), e-mail, print and stream music.

And, despite the recent problems with VOIP services, Vonage and the lack of localized 911 services, the company says it continues to grow at a rate of 20,000 customers per week, reaching at least 700,000 total.

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