Live the St. Patrick's Day Lifestyle (Free)

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Live the St. Patrick's Day Lifestyle (Free)

Simply titled St. Patrick's Day, this app helps you find out what's going on in various cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco, plus the holiday's longstanding traditions.

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Give Yourself a St. Patrick's Day Quizzle (Free)

Test your knowledge of the holiday and quiz your friends and family with this app, which holds more than 300 questions of varying difficulty.

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Jump Into the St. Patrick's Day Photo Booth (99 cents)

Create your own St. Pat's Day card with custom animations by taking photos from your phone and giving them a green, humorous, beer-soaked twist.

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Grab a Lucky Drink With Lucktricity (99 cents)

If St. Patty's is your day for boozing, you're in luck. This app is great for parties where the beer—or your other favorite holiday beverage—is flowing freely.

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Test Your Luck With St. Patrick's Day Mahjong (99 cents)

Take a break from all the festivities and test your luck—or skill—with a St. Patrick's Day-themed version of mahjong.

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Watch the NYC Parade With St. Patrick's Day Live ($1.99)

Watch all the pomp and circumstance of the St. Patty's Day parade live with an Earthcam catching all the action in the Big (Green) Apple.

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Dig in With St. Patrick's Recipes (99 cents)

Try your hand at Irish soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, or a traditional Irish stew—great for parties, get-togethers or family dinners.

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Brush Up on Your Irish Slang (Free)

The PaddySlang app is a countdown guide and language course rolled into one—as the days count down, the app gives you a new Irish slang word or phrase to learn. Just don't look like an amadán using it!

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Blast Irish Tunes All Day Long ($1.99)

Whether you're in the mood for Irish rock music, an Irish jig or a rousing drinking song, the Irish Music Radio FM app will keep your ears filled with sweet, sweet music.

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Antique St. Patty's Day Cards Bring You Back in Time ($1.99)

Send out holiday greetings with a vintage touch with this app, which offers more than 100 beautiful classic cards from the Victorian Era in Ireland to post-war America.

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