Liverpool Is the UK’s Leading City for Mobile Performance

RootMetrics ranks the home of The Beatles as the best city for overall mobile network performance.

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By Roland Moore-Colyer

Liverpool has been ranked the top UK city for overall mobile performance, according to data from RootMetrics.

The company, which specializes in real-world mobile performance data, ranked Liverpool as the best city for overall mobile performance: a combination of reliability, data connection speeds, call and text reception from O2, Three, EE and Vodafone networks.

Liverpool Leads

The home of The Beatles beat rival city Manchester to the top spot, scoring an average 'RootScore' of 95.5. In comparison London, the center of the UK's technology industry, scored 93.0 which sees it sit in tenth position.

Scott Stonham, RootMetrics' general manager of Europe, noted that Liverpool may have clinched the number one spot due to its overall performance, but other cities are not lagging too far behind it.Despite not coming first in any individual category, Liverpool's high performance across all categories has secured it the top spot overall in our weighted averaged rankings, he said.

"Yet it’s not just Liverpool that is showing improvement. Our capitals are showing great promise, with Edinburgh rising into the top five, Belfast finishing in the top two in the country and London's improvements."

Cardiff was understandably the top Welsh city, claiming 15th place in the rankings and Edinburgh beat Glasgow as the best Scottish city for mobile performance. This will come as no surprise as both countries are hardly flush with major cities. Despite having the largest population, with some 12 million people, the metropolitan area of London lacks stellar mobile performance according to RootMetric's data, but Stonham notes that is beginning to change."The improvements we’ve seen in London's rankings are indicative of the steps that operators are taking to tackle the challenges of providing excellent mobile service in high-density areas. We hope to continue to see improvements to performance across all cities in the UK, as operators work to ensure a good overall mobile service across these cities’ infrastructure," he said.Mobile coverage is an area of concern in the United Kingdom, particularly as its poor 4G coverage is not seeing much improvement. This is made more pertinent given rail passengers have claimed they would accept an increase in fares for better mobile coverage on trains.