Lookout Launches Mobile Security Platform for BYOD Businesses

The platform offers protection against malware, Web-based threats and data loss, and gives IT managers the ability to manage devices.

Security specialist Lookout announced the launch of its mobile security and device management platform, Lookout for Business, which is designed to help businesses adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies secure their mobile devices from threats, data loss and device loss.

The platform offers protection against malware, Web-based threats and data loss and gives IT managers the ability to manage devices including remote locate, lock and wiping of devices.

"Employees are a major part of the mobile security equation, and solutions that will be adopted and effective will be the ones with a minimal learning curve," Jenny Roy, head of Lookout for Business, said in a statement. "Businesses want products that both their IT team and employees will use and love, and Lookout has taken that to heart."

In addition, a cloud-based console provides visibility and insight into the security and management of devices and employee-facing features that allow users to find and secure their phone.

"Companies can no longer ignore the fact that employees are often carrying their most sensitive data on mobile phones," Nushin Vaiani, an analyst with Canalys, said in a statement. "Mobile security will be a priority as IT executives seek to protect phones from a myriad of threats, and in order for IT managers to see adoption of security it needs to be something employees are willing to use."

Lookout also released a white paper titled "Key Business Insights For Mobile Security in a BYOD World," which reports on the results of a commissioned survey conducted by Forrester Consulting. According to the survey, 69 percent of IT executives report that they are very concerned about the threat of mobile malware, viruses and spyware.

In addition, the report found 60 percent have experienced lost or stolen phones in the past year. Seventy-two percent agree there is a gap between current mobile security solutions and the security threats that businesses face today.

Three-quarters of IT administrators surveyed in the report agree that BYOD has made mobile security more challenging in the workplace, and 47 percent reported lost productivity associated with a mobile security event.

The results of another survey, released by the Ponemon Institute, indicated that while businesses have several options when it comes to choosing a BYOD security package, the results have left owners underwhelmed.

Sixty percent of respondents said they are unsatisfied with current BYOD solutions, mostly due to cost and inadequate security, 60 percent of respondents say employees are concerned about privacy and personal data retention, and 56 percent of respondents say their companies are looking to replace their current BYOD security solution.