Looks Aren't the Story

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Looks Aren't the Story

New imaging features and location services make the iPhone 4S stand out even if the hardware looks awfully familiar.

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Manufacturing Problems Solved

This time around, users wont have to wait for months for Apples suppliers to get the right shade of white.

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Edit Photos on iPhone

With iOS 5s ability to edit photos on the device, its easy to create the perfect shot for Facebook, Twitter or a blog.

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Improved Video Quality

Image stabilization makes videos shot on the iPhone 4S more attractive than ever.

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Find Lunch Nearby

Although the Siri voice control technology is currently limited to the iPhone 4S, it has been made to run on earlier devices.

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Mirrored Video Playback

The iPhone 4S can output HD video up to 1080p. Both wired and wireless media streaming are mirrored on the phone as well as the connected device.

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