Lord of the Ring

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Lord of the Ring

Details on the specifics of the building are slim, but based on futuristic renderings, the headquarters has already been likened to a spaceship.

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The Spaceship

Last year Apple bought a large parcel of land from Hewlett-Packard to secure the required space—150 acres—for the new campus.

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Harmonic Design

Idyllic renderings from architect Norman Foster's office suggest a working environment fused with natural surroundings.

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Where They Work

The building will reportedly comprise 2.8 million square feet and house 13,000 employees. It will include a 1,000-person auditorium and a 300,000-square-foot research facility.

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Apple describes the proposed campus as a "distinctive and inspiring 21st century workplace."

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Going in Circles

Some architecture critics have called into question the usefulness of the building's design.

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Breaking It Down

The building is planned to offer a corporate fitness center, a central plant and associated parking.

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Seeing Green

Though there is no official cost associated with the building, Apple plans to put some money into sustainable features and expanding open space on the site.

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The World of Tomorrow

Right now, with the current buildings in place, about 20 percent of the land is open space. Under Apples plans, open space will jump to 80 percent.

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Bilbao or Boondoggle?

Is an enormous, ring-shaped building really the best solution to housing 13,000 employees? Despite the stunning renderings, some are doubtful.