Mac OS X Lion

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Mac OS X Lion

Apple announced on May 31 that it will discuss its next-generation desktop operating system Mac OS X Lion at its WWDC keynote in San Francisco. That operating system wont be a revolutionary upgrade, but it will deliver nice improvements. Expect Apple to talk about those improvements, as well as pricing and availability, at WWDC.

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Steve Jobs' Health

Apple CEO Steve Jobs will make an appearance at WWDC. That alone is a solid indication of where he and his health stand. But since his health has become such a hot-button issue around Apple, expect him to at least discuss how he's doing and when he might be coming back to the company. The time has come for Jobs to lift the veil on his health issues.

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The iPhone 4S

Speculation abounds that Apple will not, in fact, announce the iPhone 5 at the Worldwide Developers Conference this year. Instead, there is rampant speculation that the company will actually show off a new version of the iPhone 4, called the iPhone 4S, to help bridge the gap between that device and the next major update in the smartphone line. At the very least, expect some sort of talk about the iPhone 4 at the event.

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Or Maybe the iPhone 5?

Just because recent reports suggest that Apple wont announce the iPhone 5 at WWDC, it doesnt mean that it actually wont. Apple has been known to be quite secretive over the years, and reports that it might unveil the iPhone 4S might be totally wrong. Indeed, the company might just talk about the iPhone 5. Those in attendance and others watching around the world will have all that speculation surrounding the iPhone 5 cleared up at WWDC.

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An Update to iOS

Each year, with the announcement of the latest iPhone, Apple unveils its plans for a new version of iOS. This year will be no different. In addition to mentioning an update to Mac OS X, Apple also said on May 31 that it will talk about the new version of iOS, called iOS 5. So far, there is little known about what the operating system will offer, but expect Apple to share those details, as well as availability, at WWDC.

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Double Down on the Mac App Store

Earlier this year, Apple launched the Mac App Store, an applications market place that mimics the functionality of the companys mobile App Store, but offers programs for Macs. That platform is currently available to Snow Leopard users. It will also be made available on Mac OS X Lion out of the box. During the companys keynote, Apple will undoubtedly talk extensively about its Mac App Store and what its plans might be for it as developers continue to bring more apps to the marketplace.

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An Update to the Apple TV Software?

Though it might be a long shot, Apple might just unveil an update to its Apple TV software. Currently, Apple TV offers streaming capabilities to televisions. However, its biggest competitor, Google TV, will support apps later this year via the Android Market. If Apple wants to compete in the living room—and it does—the company might just announce plans to bring the App Store to the entertainment device later this year.

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Stats Galore

At every Apple keynote, the company does a fine job of gloating. This year shouldnt be any different. Whoever takes the stage at the keynote will undoubtedly discuss the number of applications now available in the App Store, how many iPhones have been sold so far, the success of the iPad and much more. Apple does its best to show the world that it has been performing well at retail. And this year at WWDC it will do the same.

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Cloud-Based iTunes Service

Although Apples iTunes platform has been enjoying success for years now, the company is inching closer to finally launching a cloud-based music service that would allow users to stream their libraries to the iPhone, iPad, and several other Apple products. Exactly what Apple has planned is unknown at this point, but according to its May 31 press release, the service will be called iCloud, and it will talk extensively about it at WWDC.

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Android Shots

Although Apple likes to keep a brave face, the company is fully aware that the mobile marketplace is a difficult landscape to compete in. Android is becoming a dominant player in that space. But Apple hasnt been one to fear competition and at WWDC it will make that abundantly clear. Look for Apples keynote speaker to show statistics that make iOS look better than Android, and prove once and for all that there is no love lost between Google and Apple.

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