Managing Assets Anywhere - Page 3

Mobile Automation 2000

Mobile Automation 2000 is a neatly packaged, surprisingly easy-to-manage tool. We were able to get accurate inventory results within minutes of installing the product. Although the interface got tricky to handle when we included more than 30 systems, we were able to set up groups that made management chores a little easier to handle.

Mobile Automation 2000 isnt as easy to integrate with SMS as Afaria 4.51 is, and we futzed around for several hours to get basic integration between the two products. With the growing number of mobile devices in the work force, its clear that a consolidation between desktop and mobile management is only a question of time, although it remains to be seen which company will be the one to do it first.

Mobile Automation 2000 made quick work of backing up and maintaining laptops and PDAs. During tests, it often took just a few moments for the product to download the application updates and data files that we scheduled for distribution.

The product created a Web page from which we were able to deploy client agents. It was simple to click on the link to install the correct agent. Unfortunately, the product doesnt have a Web-based management interface.