McAfee, Wave Systems Target Data Protection for Intel-based Mobile Devices

McAfee and Wave Systems announced plans this week to help secure devices based on Intel's technology. McAfee is extending its data security technology to laptops and mobile Internet devices, while Wave Systems is focused on devices leveraging Intel vPro technology. Both Wave Systems and McAfee made the announcements during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Data protection providers McAfee and Wave Systems have their eyes on Intel-based devices this week during the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

Both companies made announcements this week aimed squarely at helping customers better secure laptops and other devices. In the case of McAfee, the company announced Wednesday it will provide integrated data encryption for laptops and integrated mobile content security for MIDs (Mobile Internet Devices) utilizing the Intel Atom processor Z5XX series and Moblin-based software.

In addition, McAfee has plans to integrate its data encryption with Intel's Anti-Theft Technology and Active Management Technology. The initiative puts McAfee's data encryption technology on Intel's vPro hardware with the goal of preventing data breaches by shutting the device down to prevent unauthorized user access in the event the laptop is lost or stolen.

"McAfee provides enterprise-class, powerful encryption and strong access control technologies that seamlessly integrate with existing systems," said Gerhard Watzinger, senior vice president and general manager of McAfee's Data Protection Business Unit, in a statement. "By teaming with Intel to provide encryption for laptops we are extending protection to customers anywhere anytime."

Meanwhile, Wave Systems was at IDF showcasing preproduction capabilities for its Wave Embassy Remote Administration Server and its client Embassy Trusted Drive Manager aimed at platforms with Intel Anti-Theft Technology. The capabilities include management of Intel's hardware-based encryption, which allows for preboot authentication, secure remote management, and authenticated, remote unlock of encrypted data using industry-standard Serial Advanced Technology Attachment disk drives.

Wave did not offer specific dates for the market availability of the software.

"Wave Systems is pleased to be working with companies like Intel in demonstrating powerful and flexible solutions to protect against data theft in a far more secure fashion," said Steven Sprague, president and CEO of Wave Systems, in a statement. "By combining upcoming Intel vPro Technology platforms with ERAS, we plan to deliver what companies have been looking for in a PC to enable maximum security coupled with optimal manageability, which all begins at the hardware-based level."