MemoryLink Displays Bandwidth-in-a-Box

MemoryLink's new secure, high-bandwidth portable video system makes its U.S. debut at the ISC West security conference in Las Vegas.

A camera hovering 10 feet above the MemoryLink booth at the ISC West security conference in Las Vegas can capture the facial expressions on show attendees hundreds of feet away, according to Tim Ellsworth, vice president of sales and marketing for MemoryLink.

The device, part of a new high-bandwidth, high-security wireless video-communication system from MemoryLink, is making its U.S. debut this week. MemoryLink first demonstrated an early version of the product, now in a late beta release, at Futurecom 2004 last year in Brazil.

The video technology, said Ellsworth, is based on the companys ADK compression schemes, which achieve "high quality and low latency [under 150 milliseconds] to enable a very natural communication interaction over a video link. Weve taken that compression technology and directed it into a number of different applications."

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These applications include videoconferencing and one-way applications like surveillance and video broadcasts. "The video conferencing technologies people may be used to seeing often have a lot of skipping and delay. This is just like were standing next to each other talking," Ellsworth said.

Bandwidth-in-a-Box is designed to be a portable, low-latency solution employing dual battery power. It integrates the compression technology with a laptop, portable digital camera, microphone, 5.8ghz Motorola Canopy IP radio units and a joystick to control PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) functions. Security is embedded in the radios, providing both DES (Data Encryption Standard) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.

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The product supports wireless communications between two points up to 30 miles apart, can record up to 30 miles of video and includes a video-stream indexing function that allows users to mark footage to return and replay from that point forward. It will sell for under $5000.

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