Microsoft Drops Its Year-Old Surface Plus Consumer Financing Program

The Microsoft Surface Plus for Business financing program will continue, however, as the company changes its selling options.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has dropped its 24-month Surface Plus free financing program for non-business buyers of Surface devices, just 13 months after starting the program in August of 2017.

The Microsoft Surface Plus program had offered 24 months of free financing through Klarna Financing for purchases of any Surface devices on monthly payment plans. The program had also offered an option to trade in an existing Surface device for an upgrade after 18 months of the contract were completed. 

But in an Aug. 31 post on the Microsoft Surface Plus FAQ web page, the company announced it has ended the program.

"After much thought and consideration, Microsoft has decided to end new enrollment into the Surface Plus Program, financed by Klarna, starting August 31, 2018," the post states.

The announcement does not affect customers who are financing their Surface devices through an alternative Microsoft Surface Plus for Business program, which continues to be offered. The business plans offer 18- to 36-month interest-free payment plans but are only open to business buyers.

Microsoft had started its Surface Plus program with fanfare as a way for consumers and other users to buy machines over time without having to lay out the full price for a Surface machine. Surface devices are priced from about $1,260 to $2,700.

Buyers who already have their Surface devices through the Klarna Financing program will not see any changes to their existing agreements, according to Microsoft. Existing financing customers can still upgrade their Surface device after 18 months as long as theirKlarna account is in good standing with 18 monthly payments made on their 24-month financing plan and they return their original device in good working condition.

User warranties on existing devices are not affected by the ending of the program and will continue to cover the devices for the terms of their warranties, Microsoft stated.

Customers will continue under the original terms of the agreements and will own their Surface devices and any accessories they also purchased after they reach the end of the 24-month financing period.

If customers have questions or concerns about the changes in the Surface Plus Program, they can call Microsoft customer service at (844) 834-8667.

Microsoft started the Surface Plus program a year ago by borrowing the cell phone industry's playbook and offering financing and upgrades, but it apparently didn't provide the company with the sales results it was expecting. Microsoft had hoped the financing plans would help raise Surface sales.

The Surface Plus for Business program also started a year ago.