Microsoft Launches Facebook for Windows Mobile

Microsoft on May 7 announces its first official Facebook application for all Windows Mobile 6 phones and newer. Microsoft also issues a list of 12 prohibited application types for its Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Microsoft on May 7 announced its first official Facebook application for all Windows Mobile 6 phones and newer.

The application is available as a free download here or directly from a user's mobile Web browser here.

Microsoft said the Windows Mobile Facebook application is the only version available on the market that allows the user to upload video directly from the phone.

Creating the application was a priority, as user-generated content on Facebook is growing at a rapid rate, with Facebook users posting 415,000 video uploads each day, Microsoft officials said.

Users will be able to access status updates, friend requests and photo tags, read and create wall posts, share photos, send messages, and update profile pictures. Facebook users will also be able to share many of their Facebook activities, including photos and status updates, across the full range of Windows Live services, Microsoft said.

Facebook will also be available for new Windows Mobile 6.5 phones coming out later in 2009, the company said.

Meanwhile, Microsoft listed 12 application types that are prohibited in its Windows Marketplace for Mobile application store, including applications that enable VOIP (voice over IP) services over a mobile operator network, applications with an over-the-air installation file larger than 10MB and applications that are or distribute alternate marketplaces.

Nothing on the list should be viewed as unreasonable. Indeed, Apple has similar prohibitions around its App Store, as do owners of other mobile application marketplaces. However, some folks might gripe at the prohibition of VOIP services, which Apple also forbids.

Also among the prohibited application types (PDF) are applications that run code outside Microsoft run-times; applications that change the default browser, search client or media player on the mobile device; and applications that replace, remove or modify the default dialer, SMS (Short Message Service) or MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) interface.

Microsoft's Windows Marketplace for Mobile will launch in the second half of 2009.