Microsoft Pushes Windows Phone 7 for Businesses, Consumers

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Microsoft Pushes Windows Phone 7 for Businesses, Consumers

Microsofts upcoming Windows Phone 7 represents the companys attempt to regain momentum in the smartphone space, where it faces tough rivals such as the Apple iPhone and Google Android. Windows Phone 7 takes a different approach than those platforms by consolidating its mobile applications and Web content into a series of subject-specific Hubs, such as Games or Office. In theory, this allows Microsoft to create a phone that equally balances consumer and business needs. At a recent New York City event, Microsoft showed off Windows Phone 7s user interface. For enterprise users, features such as streamlined access to SharePoint and Documents could come in useful; for consumers, easy access to music and games could prove a key attractor to the new platform. At least, Microsoft hopes so.

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Windows Phone 7

Microsoft intends Windows Phone 7 as a total revamp of its strategy in the mobile space, where it faces strong competitors such as the Apple iPhone and the Google Android family of devices.

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Selling to Businesses

One of the keys to Microsofts Windows Phone 7 strategy is selling it to businesses as the ideal smartphone platform for day-to-day work; one of its hubs, Office, gives access to OneNote and other productivity programs.

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Access Documents

A Windows Phone 7 device can be used to access documents. Microsoft hopes that such features will persuade businesses to make the jump to the new platform from Windows Mobile, its previous (and non-upgradable) offering.

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SharePoint Baked In

Microsoft also baked access to SharePoint into Windows Phone 7, touting it as an essential tool for enterprise customers.

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Maps on Windows Phone 7.

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A view of Windows Phone 7s hubs. Tiles can display useful data such as a last-contacted friend or the next item on a schedule.

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Bing on Windows Phone 7. Note the colorful background, which is part of Microsofts branding for its search engine.

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Background Image

Just as on the PC-based Bing, the Windows Phone 7 version of Bing will provide information on the days background image.

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Local Search

A local search, in this case for nearby restaurants serving pizza.

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Search Term Filters

In addition to local results, a search term can be filtered through Web, News, and other options.

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Daily Agenda

In yet another nod to business users, Windows Phone 7 is capable of displaying the days color-coded Agenda.

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Manufacturing Partners

Microsoft will keep its manufacturing partners on a tight leash in terms of hardware parameters, advocating a specific three-button design for devices running Windows Phone 7.

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