Microsoft Windows 8: 10 Reasons to Love It

At Mobile World Congress on Feb. 29, Microsoft unveiled the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, and showed why the operating system still matters to consumers and enterprise users alike.

For Microsoft, 2012 will be marked by one major event: the release of Windows 8. The operating system, which is scheduled to hit store shelves toward the end of the year, is already available to developers, and on Feb. 29, the software giant delivered Windows 8 to everyone else through its Consumer Preview. The latest release, at least in the way Microsoft tells it, is a major step forward for its operating system, and one that, in the coming weeks, could make consumers quite happy.

But it€™s not just consumers. By the look of things, it appears both consumers and enterprise users will be quite pleased with Windows 8. From its application integration to an outstanding new design, there are an awful lot of things to like about Windows 8. Believe it or not, Microsoft€™s latest operating system launch might just be the very best version of the software yet.

Whether it's consumers, application developers or IT professionals, there are several reasons Windows 8 might prove a winner with a wide group of users.

1. The integration across all platforms is great

Microsoft says that Windows 8 will deliver the same experience across a wide array of devices. So, if consumers or enterprise users are engaging with the platform on a tablet, they€™ll have the same experience when they boot up their new Ultrabook. It€™s a smart idea, and something that we haven€™t quite seen elsewhere in the mobile space.

2. Windows to Go is a winner

Microsoft€™s Windows 8 Consumer Preview event was all conducted on a Windows 7 PC. However, the software giant said that the Consumer Preview was driving its presentation, thanks to a USB stick running Windows 8. Microsoft€™s Windows to Go, which allowed Microsoft to do that, provides users with the ability to bring a Windows 8 installation with them wherever they go. It€™s an exciting new feature.

3. Security, security, security

Microsoft is undoubtedly concerned about security. And with Windows 8, the company has spared no expense for getting it right. In fact, some reports claim that when Windows 8 launches, users will only need the built-in security features to keep their computers safe.

4. The design won€™t throw you off

Some people have expressed concern with Windows 8€™s design, saying that it€™s too different from Windows 7 and other previous operating systems to warrant its use. However, Microsoft has guaranteed that it will feel intuitive, and the operating system also includes legacy user-interface support for those that are a bit more nostalgic.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger is a longtime freelance contributor to several technology and business publications. Over his career, Don has written about everything from geek-friendly gadgetry to issues of privacy...