Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Conference BUILD 2012 Set for Oct. 30

Microsoft has announced it will hold its next Windows developer conference, BUILD 2012, from Oct. 30 to Nov. 2 in Redmond, Wash.

With the Windows 8 release date set as Oct. 26, Microsoft has just announced that the next Windows developer conference, BUILD 2012, will be held Oct. 30 through Nov. 2 on the company€™s Redmond, Wash., campus.

In a July 25 blog post, Tim O€™Brien, general manager of platform strategy in the Developer and Platform Evangelism group at Microsoft said the next BUILD will be held the week after Windows 8 becomes generally available and will focus primarily on Windows 8. However, Windows 8 will not be the only topic of conversation at BUILD 2012.

€œOur next developer conference will be this fall, and it's (again) called BUILD,€ O€™Brien said. €œAnd in addition to Windows 8, we will have lots of other stuff to talk about, too: Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012 and much more.€

Back in January, in a post entitled €œThinking About Developer Events,€ O€™Brien announced that Microsoft would not be holding a MIX developer event in 2012. The MIX events focused primarily on Web development, to which O€™Brien explained: €œFirstly, the notion that the 'Web community' is somehow separate and distinct from the community of developers we care about no longer makes any sense. Some had even called out the existence of a separate Web event as proof that we don€™t 'get' the Web €¦ it€™s a fair point €¦ when we get developers together to talk about what we€™re doing in the platform, the Web discussion should be part and parcel to everything we talk about.€

And, at the time, asking what happens going forward, O€™Brien countered: €œAs we look ahead to 2012 and beyond, the goal is to ensure that global Microsoft developer events are of the caliber that many of you experienced at BUILD last September, in addition to the thousands of online and local developer events we host around the world to support communities and connect directly with developers. We will share more details of our next developer event later this year. In the meantime, know that we are we are hard at work and will look forward to seeing many of you there.€

So Microsoft will be hosting BUILD 2012, or as some are already calling it, BUILD 2.0, on its campus. But don€™t expect BUILD 2012 to be any less of an event than last year€™s BUILD€”where Microsoft initially trotted out Windows 8 €“ in Anaheim, Calif.

€œBUILD 2012 will be on the Microsoft campus, and I know what you're thinking ... if it's not in some cavernous convention hall, then it must be a dialed-down version of last year's event, etc. ... but don't be confused: this will be unlike anything we've held on our corporate campus in a long time,€ O€™Brien said. €œMore details to come. And as we talked about in the January post, if you've gone to a Microsoft developer event, you know that most of the speakers and participants are from our engineering teams, so a campus event puts you in the thick of things along with the engineers directly responsible for our products and the platform opportunities they represent. This one's not to be missed.€

To make Windows 8 the success it hopes it will be, Microsoft knows it needs developers in line with all the benefits the product can offer. The next BUILD event will attempt to arm developers will everything they need to build apps that run on Windows 8 and take full advantage of all the new aspects of the platform.

Registration for BUILD will open Aug. 8. €œAt 8 a.m. Pacific time on 8.8 (see what we just did there?), we will open registration for BUILD 2012 at,€ O€™Brien said. €œAt that point, we'll start sharing details over time about keynoters, sessions, content and more, but for the time being, set a reminder for Aug. 8.€