Mobile Computing Risks Are Rising - Page 2

Mobile devices have a way of poking holes through companies IT defenses. However, with smart management, administrators can reduce the vulnerabilities that mobile systems are heir to.

  • Notebooks and handheld computers are easily carried away, and sensitive data can be just as easily carried away with them. Encrypting this data reduces the likelihood that it will fall into the wrong hands.
  • Information that travels over wireless networks can be sniffed, so strong over-the-air encryption—be it through 802.11i, IP Security, SSH (Secure Shell) or SSL—is a must.
  • Weak or compromised authentication will foil even the best encryption schemes Pursue multifactor authentication to ensure the integrity of your security perimeter.
  • Mobile devices can be a vector for malware to enter your network Ensure that roaming systems receive virus and system upgrades, and deploy systems that will deny access to mobile clients that dont meet these requirements.

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