Mobile Madness Begins With This App (Free)

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Mobile Madness Begins With This App (Free)

Follow the basketball madness in March by getting access to brackets, live scores and final scores—all free.

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PocketBracket Puts the Tournament in Your Pocket (99 cents)

Create unlimited Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament brackets, organize pools and follow games, with detailed stat screens and social networking features.

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March Madness Mania App Gives You the Inside Edge (99 cents)

Stay in touch with your team from wherever with access to the latest news, tweets, photos and videos for the duration of March Madness.

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College Hoops Radio App Lets You Listen Live (99 cents)

Skip the high-definition TV experience this season (yeah, right) and kick it old-school with this app, which lets you listen in on all your favorite games.

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Bet Your Lunch on March Madness (99 cents)

If you're the type of person to back up your prediction prowess with something concrete, check out March Madness Bet, where you can challenge your friends to outwit your choices, but it might cost you lunch.

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The Bracket Genius Does the Work for You (99 cents)

For the probability nerds out there, the Bracket App analyzes your picks and produces five reports for each player in each round of the tournament.

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Compete in Style With College Hoops Tourney (Free)

Test your knowledge and competitive edge—and try out-smack talk—with this well-designed app that offers social media features.

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Get in the Game With Basketball Card Maker ($1.99)

Take a break from the college kids playing hoops to make yourself or one of your friends the star, with custom formats and the ability to make collection sets.

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Take the College Basketball Mascot Challenge (99 cents)

Think you've got your college hoops trivia down pat? Challenge yourself with this app, with more than 1,000 questions on school locations, conferences and, of course, mascots.

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StatSheet's Got the Goods on College Basketball (Free)

The College Basketball by StatSheet app gives you previews, recaps, statistical nuggets, scoring and analysis with real-time data and historical trends.

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