MobileFocus at CTIA

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MobileFocus at CTIA

Sony Ericsson's Amy Canaday shows off the company's latest slider phone. Yes, those really are a set of white LEDs surrounding the control dial.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - The Slider, Slid

If you actually decide to use the new Sony Ericsson slider for making phone calls, you can slide it open to reveal a keypad, as Amy Canaday shows here.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - The Green Phone

The Qtopia Greenphone is a handset that runs Linux and now comes with a complete developer's environment, shown here. It's made by Trolltech, and yes, it really is green.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - New Micro PC

HTC's latest tiny handheld PC, held here by Sue Schmitz, features a keyboard that will detach from the screen, in effect turning this device into a very small tablet PC.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Tiny Ipaq

HP's Courtney Coe shows off the latest, and smallest, version of HP's Ipaq device. We noticed that she took the SIM card out of the device before she let us try it out.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Nice Curves

This is Motorola's rumored, but until now super secret curved slider phone, held by Tracey Thiele. When you open it, the parts of the phone move along a curved track making a more natural shape to the handset when you talk. We don't know if the green colo

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Plantronics Cool Bluetooth

This is a Bluetooth stereo receiver from Plantronics that the company feels is so cool that it's posed on simulated ice cubes. It's designed to receive Bluetooth transmissions from your music-enabled phone and send them to you through the included earbuds

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MobileFocus at CTIA - New from Kyocera

Kyocera's Melody Parrette shows us the new Kyocera E5000 camera and music phone.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Wide Screen Phone

LG's Brandon Boone demonstrates the new wide screen VX9400 phone from LG Electronics. The screen rotates 90 degrees so that you can see movies in their proper format. Of course, the screen is still really small, so bring your reading glasses.Photo:

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Nokia Navigation

Camilla Gragg shows off Nokia's new automotive navigation unit, designed to compete with the likes of Garmin and Magellan. The screen is relatively large, and on first look it seems very easy to use.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Blue Slider

T-Mobile's Tom Harlin shows off the new Motorola MOTORIZR that the company started offering this week. It has a keypad similar to the famed RAZR, but it's covered in a rubberized coating, and it's blue. Other colors are coming soon, the company reports.

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MobileFocus at CTIA - New Treo

The Palm Treo 700P brings the fast and efficient Palm OS to the 700 platform. This particular version is from Verizon, however GSM versions will be available in the near future, the company reports.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - TV on your Phone

Samsung's Jessica Redman shows us a new phone that will display live television in addition to doing stuff like making phone calls. The little antenna is designed to receive the broadcasts over the air.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Samsung TV Revealed

When you get bored with live television, you can also make phone calls by sliding open the Samsung to reveal a phone keypad.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - No Keypad

Niamh Conlon from Synaptics shows a phone that uses a touch sensitive screen instead of a keypad to operate. It looks a lot like Apple's iPhone, but you can actually buy this one.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Reading your Voicemail

SimulScribe is designed to read your phone's voice mail and present it as text. The result, shown here by Ashley Biever, looks a lot like e-mail. The company claims that you can read voice mail a lot faster than you can listen to it, thus allowing you to

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MobileFocus at CTIA - Smart Phone Navigation

Wayfinder's Hanna Jonasson Drotz shows the company's new turn-by-turn navigation system running on a Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 smart phone. It requires a phone with an embedded GPS chip.Photo: Wayne Rash / eWEEK