Motion X GPS Drive ($0.99)

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Motion X GPS Drive ($0.99)

Sporting features like a parking spot marker, multi-stop planning and routing, live traffic flow maps and visual lane assistance, navigation apps don't get much better than this.

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BestParking (Free)

Find the cheapest and most convenient parking garages in 43 cities and 79 airports across North America. Just remember where you parked.

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GPS & Map Toolbox ($2.99)

This app provides a variety of tools such as saving locations to exportable lists, conversions between coordinate formats, and the ability to view different map formats.

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Embark NYC Subway (Free)

The big bad New York City subway can still throw seasoned straphangers for a loop sometimes, so it's great to have an app to help you around the Big Apple.

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Falcon (Free)

Never get confounded by an endless convention hall again. Falcon works like a compass, with your destination as the North Star. Perfect for finding your way in parking lots, on college campuses and, yes, at conventions.

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Theodolite ($3.99)

Like an electronic viewfinder, this app overlays real-time information about position, altitude and bearing. It's great for fishing, hunting and other outdoor excursions.

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Google Earth (Free)

If only Columbus had had this app. Fly around the world with the flick of your finger and figure out where the West Indies really are.

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City Maps 2Go ($1.99)

Skip the data roaming charges with this app, which offers more than 7,800 maps worldwide, with no network or WiFi connection required.

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Maps of the World (Free)

It might not help you find the nearest Starbucks, but this app is a great way to see how the world has changed over the centuries

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The Night Sky ($0.99)

If you're into celestial navigation, this app is perfect for you. Just hold your phone up to the sky and see what heavenly bodies are above you.

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