Motorola Demos Wireless Networking at CES

An unlikely contender, Motorola unveiled a full line of 802.11 wireless networking products Wednesday night.

LAS VEGAS--A number of wireless vendors participated in the Digital Experience event. A well-known name, but not one normally associated with 802.11 wireless networking products, Motorola demonstrated their complete line of 802.11g products. The product line is well-rounded, and is marketed primarily through RadioShack stores as well as on line.

On display were:

  • WPCI810, 802.11g PCI card at $79.99
  • WN825, 802.11g Notebook card at $79.99
  • WR850G, 802.11g 4 port wireless router with NAT-only firewall at $99.
  • WA840, 802.11g access point at $99.
  • WE800 wireless bridge at $109.
  • BR700, 4-port wired (not wireless) router at $59

Launched at the show were the following products:

  • WU30G, a USB2.0 802.11g network adapter at $79
  • WPS870, a wireless printer server that supports a USB printer, parallel port printers, as well as a wired Ethernet connection at $169. (These two products should be shipping sometime in March.)

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