Motorola Droid Pro Is Android 2.2-based Phone Tuned for Enterprises

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Motorola Droid Pro Is Android 2.2-based Phone Tuned for Enterprises

by Clint Boulton

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Out of the Box

Out of the box, the Droid Pro is a handsome device, encased in marbled gray and black plastic. It weighs only 4.73 ounces, or not much more than Apple's iPhone.

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Heavy Metal

The Pro's case is fixed by a metal band, giving the handset a robust, handsome appeal.

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Droid Pro Display

The device measures 4.69 inches long, 2.36 inches wide and is less than half an inch thick. The display is a compact 3.1 inches of HVGA, 480 x 320 appeal.

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The camera is nothing out of the ordinary, offering 5 megapixels with auto focus and dual LED flash, with DVD—not HD—quality video. Good enough for a business phone whose target is texting business users: the BlackBerry crowd.

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Social Networking

One of our favorite aggregator apps on Android-based Motorola devices is the social network aggregator shown here. Get Facebook updates and Twitter updates in one stream.

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Social Stream

The social stream in action on the Pro. Tweets are surfaced on one of the handsets five home screens.

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Just Twitter

The refreshed Twitter for Android app on the Droid Pro includes a tweet details page and a much faster timeline.

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Google Places

Google Places is highlighted as its own special widget on the Pro, showing Google's heightened sensitivity to local search.

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The Pro leverages the phone's location to pinpoint nearby restaurants for users.

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Places Filter

Places users can now filter by cuisine type, ratings, distance and whether the eatery is open.

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Managing Messaging Accounts

The Pro lets users set up a dozen or more accounts for Web services and corporate messaging.

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E-Mail on the Droid Pro

It's a safe bet Pro users will want to configure the device to send and receive corporate messages.

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Motorola Widget

The Motorola Messaging widget helps streamline these communications.

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Synchronizing Calendars

Corporate road warriors will want to sync their Outlook and Google Calendars, too.

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QuickOffice Apps

The QuickOffice widget lets users easily access the Microsoft documents so dear to them, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel files. Exchange integration is one of the strong suits of the BlackBerry. Android wants to get there, too.

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