Motorola Droid X with Motoblur Delivers Multimedia Punch

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Motorola Droid X with Motoblur Delivers Multimedia Punch

by Clint Boulton

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The Droid X Display

The glossy glass is good for rendering video and other multimedia in HD.

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Social Networking on the Droid X

Facebook and Twitter feeds can be added to the user interface of the Motoblur social network service for easy access.

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Custom UI

Another of the customizable UI's homescreens (there are seven homescreens) is this one, with easy camera and video camera access. Note also the tab for the Blockbuster app, one of a handful of multimedia apps that come preloaded on the Droid X.

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News Feed

Like other Android phones before it, the Droid X lets users set up news feeds on a homescreen.

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Android App Launcher

There are 40 apps available directly from the Android app launcher, or select Android Market to browse over 65,000 apps.

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Skype Mobile

Skype Mobile comes installed on the device, allowing users to chat and make free calls to other phones and PCs.

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Just like Gmail, YouTube and other apps, Amazon MP3 is a staple on the Droid X.

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City ID

One often overlooked app is this useful City ID utility. Enter a phone number and find out where someone is calling from.

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Social Networking Integration

Again, you can integrate Facebook, Twitter and MySpace feeds into a single stream with Motorblur.

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Panoramic Capture

View your snapped pictures panorama-style, or as a slide show.

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After Android 2.2, the most highly anticipated upgrade for the Droid X in summer 2010 is support for Adobe Flash Player 10.1.

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Environmentally Friendly?

Verizon proudly hypes the Droid X as being environmentally friendly, noting these features. No arsenic is always a good thing!

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Working as a WiFi Hot Spot

Another crowd-pleaser is that the Droid X can serve as a WiFi hot spot for $20 extra per month for 2GB of data. Overage is 5 cents per minute.

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