Motorola Symbol TC70 Mobile Computer Based on Android OS

The TC70 comes with a family of accessories like a magnetic stripe reader for mobile payment and trigger-handles for scan-intensive applications.

Motorola and mobile computing

Mobility and communications specialist Motorola Solutions unveiled the Symbol TC70 touch computer, a mobile computer running the Android KitKat operating system, combining the user-friendly design of a smartphone with additional durability for employees in the field.

The TC70 4.7-in. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 high-resolution display can automatically adjust to changing conditions so it can be used with wet fingers, gloves or a stylus. Every TC70 is voice over IP (VoIP) ready and equipped with Extensions (Mx) by Motorola Solutions, providing an added layer of security, manageability, data capture and wireless software features.

Other features include PowerPrecision batteries, fully submersible IP67 sealing and the ability to withstand high drops to concrete. Mx Data Capture makes it possible for application developers to integrate bar code scanning, signature capture, image capture and payment processing. In addition to supporting all standard WiFi security protocols, Mx Security helps protect business data and network access with URL filters, communication management and sensor lock down.

"It also encrypts communication of all data between the mobile device and the network," Barry Issberner, senior director of product marketing for Motorola Solutions, told eWeek. "The TC70 has a screen lock and password protection and Mx enables secure mobile device management interactions. Mx offers a wealth of additional features but security was its number one objective."

Motorola also offers application design and porting services for Android and RhoMobile Suite, which provides development tools built from the ground up for enterprise mobility applications.

Designed to boost efficiency and customer service in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing industries, the TC70 is supported by more than 50 certified applications including price and inventory checks, line busting, assisted selling, workforce management and inventory management.

Motorola’s imaging engine and data capture technology help mobile workers capture signatures, photos, videos and a wide range of 1D/2D bar code at an extended range, and the company’s Workforce Connect Push-To-Talk (PTT) Express enables the device to serve as a two-way radio out of the box through WiFi connectivity.

"The TC70 is aimed at retailers, transportation and logistics environments and manufacturers," Issberner explained. "It can handle price and inventory checks, line busting, assisted selling, workforce management and inventory management applications. The TC70 is not directly replacing an existing product but offering a full-touch interface in a highly rugged platform using Android and that combination is new to our portfolio."

The TC70 is available with a family of accessories including holsters, a magnetic stripe reader (MSR) for mobile payment and trigger-handles for scan-intensive applications. It can also be used with Motorola’s ShareCradle, a multi-slot charging system that accommodates multiple battery charge options and future Motorola mobile computers.

Issberner said the list price is approximately $2,000, but customers typically purchase in large volumes, which could result in sub-$1,000 prices. He also noted that the TC70 is intended for businesses for all sizes and is available through its partner community, many of whom focus on the small to medium size business (SMB) community.

"The speed of business is forcing instant answers requiring up-to-the-second operational visibility," he said. "The ability to tell a customer whether something is in stock, in another store or can be shipped to your home overnight requires up-to-the-second knowledge of what your production availability is, what is in stock in distribution centers, what’s on the trucks and what is on your own shelves."