New BlackBerry AppWorld Lets Users Buy Apps from PC and Sync to Smartphone

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New BlackBerry AppWorld Lets Users Buy Apps from PC and Sync to Smartphone

by Andrew Garcia

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AppWorld in a Browser

BlackBerry AppWorld is now accessible via a PC Web browser, making it easier to peruse and make purchases from the BlackBerry app catalog than it would be directly from the device.

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AppWorld 2.0 now requires a BlackBerryID to make purchases, whereas the original AppWorld used PayPal credentials for log-in. For those creating a BlackBerryID for the first time, a wizard will walk through the process of associating the old PayPal log-in with the new BlackBerryID to ensure previous purchases are transferred over to the new account.

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Supported Devices

Before the user logs in, AppWorld shows for each application which devices are supported.

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Logged In

After logging in, AppWorld's MyWorld instead shows the user's current device compatibility with the app in question.

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Device Recognition Failure

I encountered an issue where MyWorld didn't know what phone I was using for some reason. As a result, AppWorld would not let me obtain most applications from the Web browser, even though I could still download them directly from my phone.

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AppWorld requires installation of a Web browser plug-in. The plug-in must be installed and the device must be attached to the PC in order to purchase via the Web browser.

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In Progress

With plug-in installed and the device connected, users can sync the app to the BlackBerry smartphone via USB sideload. I was disappointed I couldn't push over the air.

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The MyWorld page shows all applications purchased (or free apps downloaded) in the past. With the BlackBerry connected to the PC, I could see which apps are currently installed, unchecking the box for any app I wish to remove from the device.

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