New iPad Reviews: What Critics Are Saying

NEWS ANALYSIS: The first batch of early Apple iPad reviews is in. So far, it appears that most critics agree on what they like about the new iPad and what they don't. But what can users glean from that?

Apple's new iPad might be launching March 16, but there have been several reviews of the device cropping up around the Internet as of late. And as one might expect, many of those reviews are glowing of the device, which boasts 4G LTE, the Retina Display, an improved camera and iOS 5.1. As with previous iPad launches, the new Apple tablet is already a favorite with both critics and tech analysts.

Reviews are an important part of the buying process. Although not everyone might agree with what one person who has used the device for the past week might say, they give some indication into what the experience might be like to use such a product. What's good? What's bad? What could be improved? Those are the kinds of questions reviews answer to help consumers determine if they should buy the device or hold off and wait for something else.

Knowing that it's somewhat of a pain to sift through all the reviews that have cropped up around the new iPad, eWEEK thought it might be worth it to help you get the finer points in one place. So, here are some of the themes that have been coming up in all the new iPad reviews that have landed.

1. The Retina Display is incredible

Nearly all new iPad reviewers can agree that the Retina Display found in Apple's tablet is top-notch. And why wouldn't it be? The screen boasts a higher resolution than any HDTV on the market, and is a major step up over the standard display found in Apple's iPad 2. Look for the new iPad's Retina Display to be its chief selling point.

2. The new iPad is slightly heavier

Just about every reviewer has mentioned that the new iPad is slightly heavier than its predecessor. However, only the New York Times' David Pogue took too much issue with it, saying that the slate will feel a bit heavy and cumbersome to iPad 2 owners after prolonged use.

3. The 4G LTE is nice

Although Apple didn't spend too much time discussing the 4G LTE found in the new iPad, several reviewers say it was a treat to be able to connect to the ultra-high-speed network from the device. However, be warned that coverage is not universal right now, with Verizon Wireless only covering 200 million people and AT&T hoping to get to 150 million by year's end.

4. It's the same old thing

Take a look at the iPad 2 and the new iPad. See many differences? No? Well, neither did the reviewers. But the folks over at the Verge didn't think that was necessarily a bad thing, saying that that the device's design is still "best in breed" in the tablet space. So, as long as Apple's decision to not deliver a new look doesn't bother you, the new iPad should make you quite happy.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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