New iPad

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New iPad

When looking around the tablet space, Apple's new iPad is quite expensive. The device starts at $499 for a WiFi-only model, but quickly rises to $829 for those who want 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology and as much storage as possible. However, the device has long since proven it's the best tablet on store shelves today and has already illustrated its longevity. It's expensive, but it'll last.

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MacBook Pro With Retina Display

When looking at the MacBook Pro with Retina display, it's hard not to get caught up with its beautiful screen and sleek lines. That said, the Apple notebook starts at $2,199, making it extremely expensive. Still, it has the best screen in the notebook market; it runs the quite-secure Mac OS X and can double as a desktop replacement. Its specifications also ensure it'll stay powerful for several years.

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MacBook Pro

Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference showed off the new 15-inch MacBook Pro. Some might balk at the price, which starts at $1,799. But when they realize that the devices are running Intel's top Core i7 processors that can be "turbo- boosted" to up to 3.6GHz, and see that the device's graphics card makes it possible to edit photos and video from the computer, it's not hard to see why the laptop is one of Apple's most popular.

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iPod Touch

The iPod Touch is odd in this roundup because its chief competitor is another iPod. Worst of all, its "competitors" start at $49 for the iPod Shuffle and $129 for the iPod Nano. At $199, the iPod Touch goes a long way in justifying its price. After all, it's basically the iPhone 4S without the phone. Actually, for some enterprising folks who don't need cellular service, the iPod Touch can deliver calling functionality via voice over IP. Not bad.

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Apples MacBook Air

At first glance, Apple's MacBook Air might appear to be expensive—its 11-inch model starts at $999, and its 13-inch option costs $1,199. However, don't forget that the MacBook Air is really an Ultrabook by any other name. And in the Ultrabook space, $999 for a small, thin device is actually on par with those products running Windows.

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Thunderbolt Display

Apple's computers and mobile devices get much of the attention, but the company's Thunderbolt display, which comes in at $999, is a top-notch offering. It justifies its price—which is in some cases several hundred dollars more expensive than competitors—by delivering near-Retina display resolution. Better yet, it comes with Thunderbolt support, allowing users to daisy-chain everything from more screens to a MacBook Pro to external storage devices. Thunderbolt is a huge benefit.

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Apple TV

At $99, it might surprise some folks that the Apple TV would make its way to a roundup of expensive Apple products. But keep in mind that most televisions now come with streaming video built in and some of its competitors are even cheaper. In other words, at first glance, the Apple TV doesn't look to be worth it. But with its integration with iTunes and the ability to share the iPad's screen with it to be displayed on the television, the Apple TV becomes a worthwhile option for consumers and enterprise users.

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Mac Mini Lion Server

At $999, the Mac Mini Lion Server is awfully expensive. However, for small businesses looking for a simple solution for the office that would deliver a full server experience, it's actually a nice buy. Spending cash on servers can cost several thousand dollars. With Apple's solution, it can be purchased for less than $1,000 before tax.

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iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S finds itself in a difficult situation in today's mobile space. The device has competitors with better components retailing for the same price. Furthermore, it has to compete with handsets that can be gotten for as little as nothing with a two-year contract. Still, the iPhone 4S is the top smartphone on the market today, and its price—starting at $199—is more than justified.

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Looking around the all-in-one space, consumers can find computers for as little as $500. The iMac, however, comes in at $1,199, making it extremely expensive. However, what those other computers lack is Mac OS X—a far more secure operating system than Windows. Moreover, the new iMacs support Thunderbolt, giving users all the functionality of Apple's monitors with the computer.

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