New T-Mobile Android-Based Smartphone Coming this Summer?

T-Mobile may have a new Google Android?ö?ç??based smartphone up its sleeve for this summer. The myTouch 3G would be T-Mobile's second Android phone from HTC and give it something to put up against AT&T's iPhone 3G S, Sprint's Palm Pre and the BlackBerry Tour coming from Verizon.

T-Mobile is expected to introduce a new Google Android-powered HTC smartphone, to arrive later this summer, the Wall Street Journal is reporting.
The phone will reportedly be called the myTouch 3G, and it will be only the second Android-based phone offered by a major U.S. carrier. The first is the T-Mobile G1, which proved a hit for T-Mobile.
Analysts predict that Android will grow 900 percent this year, and additional devices, such as netbooks, are expected to run it. By the end of 2009, Google is expecting Android to be on 18-20 phones.
The Journal is describing the myTouch 3G as slicker and thinner than the G1 - essentially, the HTC Magic, which is available in the U.K. through Vodafone.
The Magic is slightly smaller than the iPhone, but like it features a large touch-screen - 3.2 inches with a resolution of 320 x480 pixels - sans keyboard. There's 3G, Wi-Fi, a camera, easy document viewing, plus e-mail and comfortable Web browsing.
Plus, like the iPhone 3G S, it's a listener: The Journal reports that the myTouch 3G includes a voice-activated search function that even works in noisy crowds. Video recording is also said to be onboard.
This summer's blockbusters continue to grow in number, as the myTouch will join the thoroughly hyped and newly released Palm Pre and Nokia N97, as well as the soon-to-arrive iPhone 3G S and, a little later in the summer, the BlackBerry Tour.