New Windows 10 App Suggests Arrival of Microsoft SIM Card

Today's topics include a new Windows 10 app hinting at a Microsoft SIM card, Fujitsu has launched a multilayer SDN suite for service providers, Google invited developers to submit Project Tango app ideas, and AT&T offers unlimited data mobile plans to DirecTV or U-Verse customers.

According to a report in WinBeta, a new Cellular data app for PCs has appeared in the Windows Store marketplace. The free app enables owners of Windows 10 devices to sign up for cellular connectivity and pay for the service using a Microsoft account without committing to a long-term contract. Microsoft describes the app as the easiest way to get online using a trusted nationwide network.

Fujitsu is leveraging the work of the OpenDaylight Foundation in a new multilayer suite of network automation and virtualization products. They're aimed at enabling service providers and cloud companies to more easily build software-defined network environments.

The Virtuora NC 3.0 suite of offerings from Fujitsu Network Communications includes an open software-defined networking (SDN) control framework as well as other layers created by Fujitsu that take advantage of built-in components of OpenDaylight without linking them to application or device specifications.

Google wants software developers to submit ideas for utility and gaming applications based on the company's emerging Project Tango computer-vision technology. On Jan. 8, the company announced that developers who submit application ideas that catch Google's attention will receive funding and engineering support to bring their products to market in an expeditious fashion. As an added bonus, the selected applications will be featured on Lenovo's newly announced Project Tango smartphone when it becomes available later this year.

AT&T is ramping up its efforts to get its customers to also sign up for its DirecTV or U-Verse TV programming subscription services. They're doing so by offering customers unlimited data on their AT&T mobile phone accounts so they can watch videos or TV shows anywhere.

The new AT&T Unlimited Plan was unveiled by the company on Jan. 11, starting at $100 monthly for the first smartphone, $40 each monthly for the next two smartphones on an account, and no charge for monthly service on a fourth smartphone, for a total of $180 per month for four family members.

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