Next iPad Mini to Include Retina Display, Nine Other Features

1 - Next iPad Mini to Include Retina Display, Nine Other Features
2 - The Retina Display Will Be Available
3 - The Same Design
4 - Apple's iOS 7, of Course
5 - The Same Screen Size
6 - Identical Pricing
7 - A Souped-Up Processor
8 - More Color Options, Perhaps?
9 - More Storage
10 - A Low-End iPad Mini?
11 - A More Stark Contrast With the iPad
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Next iPad Mini to Include Retina Display, Nine Other Features

by Don Reisinger

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The Retina Display Will Be Available

There's no doubt that the Retina display will be coming to the iPad Mini. Apple has slowly but surely brought the high-end display to all its products, and the iPad Mini seems like the next obvious choice despite the fact that Samsung is building it.

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The Same Design

Don't expect to see the iPad Mini's design change in any way. According to numerous reports, the iPad Mini's styling is what Apple plans to go towards with its next high-end iPad. In other words, the iPad Mini's design probably won't change for years.

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Apple's iOS 7, of Course

Since the iPad Mini likely won't launch until later this year at the earliest, the device will be running the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 7. That OS comes with an all-new design that should appeal to both smartphone users and tablet owners.

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The Same Screen Size

Apple has made no indication that it wants to change the size of the iPad Mini's display. Apple likes that the iPad Mini's 7.9-inch screen is larger than competing 7-inch devices, while still providing enough space between the tablet and its regular iPad. For now, the iPad Mini's screen size won't change.

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Identical Pricing

Apple has consistently kept prices the same with each new product launch. The company has done so with the iPhone and iPad and will undoubtedly follow that model with the iPad Mini. Apple likes to make customers think they're getting more for the same price. Although that might be true, Apple is also, in many cases, generating more profit for the same price.

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A Souped-Up Processor

The iPad Mini currently is running a dual-core A5 processor. According to several reports, Apple will be bundling a slightly stronger chip in the iPad Mini. Whether that will be the A6 or the A6X or something else entirely is unknown at this point.

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More Color Options, Perhaps?

Although Apple seems committed to keeping its mobile product colors white and black, several reports have suggested that the company might try to offer a bit more flavor with the iPad Mini, eventually delivering extra color options. Apple hasn't said that will happen, of course, but it's possible that the next model could come with some extra color options. That said, consider this one the least-likely feature in this roundup.

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More Storage

When Apple announced the 128GB iPad, the company showed its hand for the storage options it will be offering in the future. In the next iPad Mini, expect Apple to offer the same, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, and add in a 128GB option. It's the smart move—especially with competition growing fiercer.

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A Low-End iPad Mini?

Here's an interesting rumor: there's been some talk about the possibility of Apple launching a low-end iPad Mini to complement its more powerful brother. That low-end option might turn out to be a discounted version of the current iPad Mini when the new model launches, or it could be something different entirely. Keep an eye on this one. Apple looks hungry to eat Amazon's and Google's lunches in the lower-end of the tablet market.

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A More Stark Contrast With the iPad

One of the biggest issues for Apple right now is that the company's iPad Mini has started to cannibalize its higher-end iPad. In future versions, Apple will undoubtedly try to address that by both delivering a better, full-size iPad, as well as more clearly identify the major differences between both products. The iPad Mini is supposed to complement the full-size version, not kill it.

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