Next Small Thing

Talk about a bright idea that's long overdue.

Versa DayLite

Talk about a bright idea thats long overdue. This NEC Computers notebook has a 10.4-inch display that you can actually read in bright daylight. Adjust the back lighting to adapt to sunlight or office lighting via a panel switch. The 3.3-pound, 1.25-inch profile DayLite, powered by a Transmeta Crusoe processor, starts at $2,499.

Stylistic 3500

Pen-based computing never deserved much ink—until now. This new tablet system, from Fujitsu PC, might be ideal for doctors, nurses and other walk-and-talk professionals. The Windows-based system has a 15GB hard drive, built-in network cards and a 10.4-inch display. The Stylistic 3500 starts at $3,899.

C-Pen 800C

Stop taking notes by hand, and let this OCR scanner do all of the work for you. Highlight text from your favorite magazine (hint, hint), then beam it to a PDA or PC via infrared, transfer through a serial port, or store up to 3,000 pages internally. Calendar, dictionary, translator and address book functions are built in. Available now from C Technologies, retailers and catalog resellers, the C-Pen 800C is priced at $199.