Nextels Wireless Broadband Wont Be WiMAX

Nextel will be late behind Verizon and other competitors as it enters the wireless broadband market with either EV-DO or an OFDM technology in 2006. WiMax is not on its agenda.

A Nextel official says that although the company will probably follow its competitors to wireless broadband market, its technology will be significantly faster.

What that technology will be is still up for grabs. One thing it wont be is WiMAX. Instead, Nextel is deciding between the next generation of EV-DO, the technology presently being deployed by Verizon Wireless, and Flarion Technologys FLASH-OFDM.

Verizon expects to finish its network by the end of 2005. Nextel acknowledged that its roll-out will come, at the earliest, in 2006.

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