Nokia Windows 8 Tablet: 10 Features the Device Needs

NEWS ANALYSIS: Nokia is reportedly considering launching a Windows 8-based tablet by the end of the year. But what must that device offer in order for it to be successful?

Nokia has so far only delivered a few Windows Phone 7-based devices since it inked a partnership with Microsoft. However, the Finnish company is now considering launching a tablet later this year that would be running Windows 8, according to a new report. Nokia has, of course, failed to confirm that report and Microsoft has stayed tight-lipped on the possibility, as well, but considering how close the two companies are, it wouldn€™t be a stretch to see a Nokia tablet launching later this year or in early 2013.

If and when that happens, the tech world will have a lot of opinions on what users want to see in Nokia€™s device. Although most tablets are about the same, featuring the standard, big display and touch-screen, it€™s worth noting that Windows 8 devices could change all that. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 tablets will be far more capable than their iOS- or Android-based alternatives. And as such, one might expect more from the devices themselves.

However, it€™s never too early to start compiling a wish list for the new Windows 8-based Nokia tablet.

1. A big display

Although Amazon and Barnes & Noble believe that small displays are just fine in today€™s marketplace, the reality is, they€™re not. In order for a device running a full desktop operating system to be successful, it€™ll need at least a 10.1-inch screen. Smaller displays will make it too difficult to use the software.

2. A commitment to design

If Apple has taught us anything, it€™s that product design matters. So for Nokia€™s device to be successful, it€™ll have to launch with a unique design concept that actually impresses us. That doesn€™t mean the device has to come with a better design than Apple€™s iPad, but it does mean it must deliver something unique that makes people stop and look.

3. Quad-core all around

Apple made the odd decision to bundle its new iPad with the A5X processor. With that chip, the new iPad delivers dual-core processing, but quad-core graphics. To stand out from the crowd, it would be nice to see Nokia€™s Windows 8-based tablet come with both quad-core processing and quad-core graphics.

4. 4G LTE

Apple made the smart decision with its new iPad to support 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology. Going forward, 4G LTE is going to be the wireless service just about every customer wants. To not have it available in a Nokia tablet would be a huge mistake on the company€™s part. WiFi and 3G are great, but 4G LTE is the future. Nokia must remember that.

Don Reisinger

Don Reisinger

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