Nokias N-Gage To Launch October 7th

Mobile phone / gameplayer combination will debut with 10 titles, and cost $299. It will be available simultaneously around the world, for GSM-based networks.

Like the class geek showing up Monday morning sporting a natty tattoo, Nokia today tried to coolify its staid image by rolling out more details on its N-Gage cellphone/portable game player combo. However, even after trotting out John Romero, butt-whomping music, a bunch of Gen-Y dancers and a belly-dancing, skateboarding, stripping blond cutie, the company was unable to shake its boring Finnish roots. The top Nokia execs trotted out on stage, introduced with pseudo-hip titles like "Dread Lord" and "Chief Spin Doctor", ultimately came off just as like that tattooed classmate. Repeated references to Finland native Santa Claus and his toboggan did nothing to dispel the boring corporate image either. A little pain and permanent ink cant wipe away a lifetime of yawns...

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