Numbers for iPad Better, Yet Falls Short

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Numbers for iPad Better, Yet Falls Short

by P. J. Connolly

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Open CSV Files from E-Mail

Numbers for iPad can now open comma-delimited (also known as CSV) files from a message sent to the iPads Mail app.

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Know What You Import

The dummy screen that Numbers for iPad displays while importing a document will show an icon that tells you what kind of file it is; in this case, CSV.

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No Fuss, No Muss

Once the CSV file is in Numbers, you can work with it like any other spreadsheet; change cell formats, adjust cell sizes or perform other tasks.

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Import Isn't Quite Seamless

Although Apple has resolved some problems with spreadsheet import, Numbers for iPad doesnt have the range of fonts that its desktop version does, and will force the display of hidden columns.

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Work with Remote Files

The new release of Numbers for iPad allows one to access files stored on the iDisk component of Apples Mobile Me service, or another WebDAV-based hosting service.

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Share Spreadsheets Simply

Numbers for iPad can save files to iDisk, another WebDAV service or the public beta of Apples service.

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The iPad Soft Keyboard

The iPads soft keyboard can edit cells, but is useless for navigating from one cell to another.

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Apple's Wireless Keyboard Is an Incomplete Solution

Although the Apple Wireless Keyboard works well with the other iWork for iPad applications, for some reason, its arrow keys dont work for navigating between cells.

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