On Where RIM Went Wrong

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On Where RIM Went Wrong

"When 'bring your own device' started—the consumerization of enterprise—it made us lose some [market share]. When the consumer hit the enterprise with BYOB ... there was the thought, 'They're going to go back to corporate liable, it's not secure enough.'"

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On What Customers Can Expect From BlackBerry 10

"What you can expect is a whole new BlackBerry experience and user paradigm. ... [When you need information] what do you do? You call up an app. Work within that app, want to do something different? Back, new app. Need to do something else? Back, new app. What BlackBerry 10 will do for you is stop this paradigm of 'in-out,' as we call it, and through multi-tasking, real-time capabilities will allow you to flow across those applications."

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On the Inferiority of Past BlackBerry Touchscreens

"We've spent a lot of innovation on full touch virtual keypad. That was huge. We want the typing experience on the touch [device] to get at least as close as it can to the physical QWERTY."

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Regarding RIMs Approach to the Consumer Market

"With BlackBerry 10 you will see fantastic games coming in. We're not developing the games ourselves, but we give [developers] a great platform and we partnered with them. So make no mistake—you will see a great consumer experience on BlackBerry as well. But we will not develop everything ourselves."

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On Whether RIM Is Trying to Appeal to Consumers or Business Users

"I think the distinction between a corporate user and a consumer doesn't give us the right angle in looking at the market. We need to look at the person ... I'm sure you have something in your private life that you also need to succeed in. Whether it's running a family or a charity, being the coach of a female soccer team—whatever it is. You have your corporate definition of success and you have your personal definition of success. That's why we don't distinguish between them. We want you to be successful."

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On Whether BB10 Can Compete Against iOS 6

"The Dev Alpha is a prototype device. It doesn't reflect the true experience. It's not actually BlackBerry 10."

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On the Companys Future

"There's a small team ... working on strategic review with financial advisors, looking at what makes sense, what doesn't make sense. What would be our options. I mean, it's prudent to look at the options for the future. But it's not depending on [the success of BlackBerry 10]."

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On Whether RIM Plans to License out BlackBerry 10

"Once finished, from a technical perspective, it will be ready to license. Whether we do it, that's a different question."

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On RIM, Nokia Fighting for Developing Markets

"Nokia and RIM don't fight in the low-end phone market. Nokia is in the low-end phone business. ... We are in entry-level smartphones, but we're not in the phone business. ... But a company that makes such a great margin out of such a high-volume, low-cost position is quite remarkable. For years, Nokia really had perfected the supply chain. ... But they missed the boat on smartphones."

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On RIMs Idea of who Isnt the Archetype BlackBerry Person

"There are some people who just consume content. There are a lot of passive people—and I'm not rating them, I'm not saying they're good or bad."

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