Palm 800w Treo Adds Wi-Fi, GPS

The Palm Treo 800w adds GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and a few tricks the iPhone 3G lacks.

The Palm Treo 800w boasts a tactile QWERTY keyboard, a hardware Wi-Fi switch, turn-by-turn navigation and Bluetooth support for stereo music headsets.

Wi-Fi, never before offered on a Treo, is also included here. Unlike most smart phones, the 800w has a hardware button that turns on its Wi-Fi circuitry and triggers the search for an 802.11b/g access point.

The phone makes no attempt to slim down. It is relatively thick at 0.7 inches and has a 320 by 320 touch-screen display.

On the plus side, the retention of a tactile QWERTY keyboard should please former Treo owners or those cross-shopping a BlackBerry.

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