Palm to One-up Apple with Pre-WWDC Release of Pre?

Will Palm try to one-up Apple with a release of its long-awaited Pre smartphone on June 7, just one day prior to the start of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference, where the announcement of a new iPhone is likely?

Could Palm be so bold as to release its much-anticipated Pre device on the day before the start of Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference?

It is a possibility, as some reports indicate that Palm is considering launching its Palm Pre on June 7, one day before the opening of Apple's WWDC, where Apple is expected to announce the next version of its wildly popular iPhone. The Apple WWDC event, which sold out in record time, is slated to run June 8-12 in San Francisco.

According to MobileCrunch:

""The June 7 date for the Pre comes from some supposed internal Sprint documents that name that date as one of two possible launch windows. Earlier rumors had the device appearing in May...""

Should Palm make such a move to come out on June 7, it would be both brash and risky, as any thunder the company might expect to steal from Apple could just as easily be swiped right back by Apple the very next day. Because for all that is known and expected of the Pre, just as much is not known about what Apple has in store for its next version of the iPhone. It just might be enough to burst the Palm Pre's coming-out party balloon.

Despite pre-release hype and hoopla over the Pre from developers and users alike, the move to launch in such a display of one-upmanship just seems pretty unlikely to me.