Palm WebOS 1.4 for Pre, Pixi Smartphones Imminent

Palm is expected to push out WebOS 1.4 to Palm Pre and Pixi handsets at any moment, according to several reports. The long list of expected improvements includes a fix to the browser and simpler options for making calls and interacting with contacts.

Sprint has confirmed that Palm Pre and Pixi devices will receive an update to WebOS 1.4 on Feb. 26, according to Engadget-which later reported that the Sprint blog post confirming the update had been removed.
The update has been expected for February, however, so time is running out.
Both Engadget and report getting hold of the full change log and say Palm owners can expect the following:

""Fixes:- Time Zone bug fixed.- Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time.- [Bluetooth] car-kit transition to device corrected.- No EV-icon bug fixed (random)- Random browser formatting bugs fixed.- Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming.Enhancements:- Phonebook Transfer [...]- Supports Video Capture capability [...]- Performance enhancement within Phone and Calendar applications""

Additional changes are said to include the ability to dial a phone number from within a meeting event; new e-mail sorting options, the ability to add embedded phone numbers or e-mail address to Contacts; the ability to forward SMS [Short Message Service] messages to e-mail; and improvements to the Universal Search feature.

The Application Launcher is said to include an improved user interface, and the Palm Pre alone will receive Adobe Flash 10 Beta.
Reportedly, customers will be asked to allow the installation and download, or they can initiate the process in the Updates application.
Though Palm warned Wall Street Feb. 26 that its fiscal third-quarter 2010 was going to fall short of expectations, largely due to sluggish sales of its Pre and Pixi models with Sprint and now Verizon Wireless, WebOS has roundly been considered a success.
The previous update, WebOS 1.3.5, arrived Dec. 28 and included strong improvements-such as the ability to correctly play audio files and support animated GIF files-as well as smaller fixes, such as correctly displaying the Pre product name in default e-mail signatures.