Palms T2 Terminates the Original Tungsten

Unlike the movies, this follow-on is better in almost every way.

In true summer sequel fashion, Palm has replaced the original Tungsten/T—its mainstay PDA for professionals—with the new Palm Tungsten/T2 ($400 street). Unlike as in Hollywood, however, this follow-on is better in almost every way.

For starters, the T2 has double the memory (32MB) of the T. The increased memory pays off quickly. Even after loading all the applications that came on the supplemental software CD, our test unit still had more than 22MB of available storage space.

Palm has also upgraded to a new transflective display. The 320-by-320 resolution is unchanged, but the new screen looks much brighter indoors, and icons look crisper than on the backlit reflective Tungsten/T display. In sunlight, however, the original Tungsten/T is easier to see.

The T2s chassis (4.0 by 3.0 by 0.6 inches, HWD) is identical to the original but for the silver color, and at 5.6 ounces, the T2 weighs just a bit more. As before, for data entry using the Graffiti 2 area and to access the four soft buttons on the sides of the input space, the collapsible case slides open, adding three quarters of an inch to the T2s height.

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