Part Two: More Mobile Phones Jostle for Attention - Page 3

LGs new advertising campaign, equating phones with fashion, festooned all of Atlanta. It was odd, though—the company made a lot of noise, but it didnt have a lot of sexy phones.

The VX8000 was the only one to get me excited, and it wont be available until the end of the year. Even worse, the phone wasnt even powered up in the booth.

The 8000 marks LGs first foray into EvDO (Evolution Data Only), the high-speed network Verizon is rolling out across the United States. It includes a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, video-streaming capability and as many as 15 seconds of non-real-time video messaging.

Heres LGs press picture, which makes the phone look a little bit better. LG calls it a "visual entertainment phone" because you can use it to stream audio and video to the phone for playback. It also offers high-speed data access to let your PC or notebook surf the Web.

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