PDA and IP Telephony Converge

More than a voice over IP solution, the Mitel Networks 5230 IP Appliance allows you to make active use of the data in your iPAQ PDA. (PC Magazine)

The Mitel Networks 5230 IP Appliance marries PBXs and HP iPAQ PDAs in an IP telephony solution that provides unparalleled user convenience and IT administrator flexibility. Thanks to the 5230s docking cradle, business users can leverage PDA functions to enhance phone productivity and communication.

For starters, the 5230 charges your iPAQ and syncs it via your network when the PDA is in the phones cradle. And although the 5230 has a full raft of standard business console phone features, Mitels PDA applications go far beyond the typical business phone experience. For example, the Call History application stores incoming and outgoing call records on your PDA—a big help for sales professionals.

Visual Voice Mail, our favorite application, lets you see message details (date, time, and caller ID info) and then tap on the message you want to hear, rather than wading through voice-mail messages in the order they were received. The Dial by Contacts program integrates with your iPAQs Contacts application. With the Send It program, two 5230 users can transfer files between their docked PDAs during voice calls.

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