Pebble Smartwatch Apps, Firmware Get Key Health Feature Updates

Users can now track a much broader range of their physical activities on their smartwatches using the latest Version 3.12 of the Pebble App.

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Pebble smartwatch users can now get many new activity and health tracking options on their Android and iOS devices through the latest Version 3.12 of the Pebble App and accompanying watch firmware, which were just unveiled by the company.

The updates are available for Pebble Time smartwatches and for other Pebble smartwatch models, according to a May 10 post on the Pebble Blog.

New features for Pebble Time series smartwatches include Pebble Health mobile graphs, which allow users to view interactive charts of their step and sleep activity in a dedicated health section of the Pebble mobile app, according to the post. Also new is that Pebble Health now automatically detects runs and long walks and can issue a notification, timeline pin and mobile graph data after the activity is completed.

Pebble Time users also gain new "smart alarms" with the new software and firmware, which allow users to set the alarm to go off when light sleep is detected by the device. That capability can allow users to get an early wake-up for up to 30 minutes before the previously scheduled alarm time.

Pebble Time smartwatch users also will be able to get more information about their activity and sleep habits with new insights and activity prompts that are sent by the Pebble Health App to users.

Apple iPhone users who use their phone in conjunction with their Pebble Time smartwatch now have access to a Send Text app that sends text replies when enabled through a compatible mobile carrier.

Other updates in the Pebble App and firmware offer improvements for all Pebble models, including the ability for iPhone users to send text responses to incoming or missed calls when enabled through a compatible carrier.

Improvements for the iOS version of the Pebble App include the ability to view interactive charts of step and sleep activity through a new Health tab, while the health charts now show statistics for running activities, long walks and daytime naps. Users can also now start conversations from their wrist using their smartwatch with the new Send Text app, according to the post.

Users of the Android Pebble App gain similar features, including the ability to view interactive charts of step and sleep activity from a new Health tab, as well as access to health charts that show statistics for running activities, long walks and daytime naps.

In addition, bug fixes and performance improvements are included in the apps and firmware, which can be downloaded and installed by users.

In February, Pebble added other improvements to its Pebble Time smartphone apps, including a wider range of messaging options for users, such as the ability to send custom automatic responses to incoming Short Message Service (SMS) texts on iOS when using a compatible mobile carrier such as AT&T, as well as the new ability to reply to incoming calls on Android with an SMS text. That feature allows a user to send a voice note, emoji or custom message instead of answering the phone at that moment.

The Pebble Health tracking app debuted in December as the first native app for health tracking information for wearers. In the past, Pebble smartwatch users had to use their devices with third-party health tracking apps to keep abreast of their calories burned, distance covered and more. The app is available for the Pebble Time, the Time Steel and the Time Round smartwatches.

Pebble Health is a fully native activity tracking app that integrates with the timeline feature in the company's watches. The app and its capabilities were developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University to track a user's daily activity and automatically detect their sleep phases. The app gives users information about how much sleep time they receive, as well as a report at the end of the day about how many steps they took.