Phizzle Mobile Marketing Platform Provides Analytical, Educational Tools

PhizzleBiz is designed to make it possible for businesses on a budget to develop and execute mobile marketing strategies.

Phizzle, a technology provider of mobile marketing products and digital advertising solutions, announced the beta launch of PhizzleBiz, a suite of Web-based self-service mobile marketing solutions directed at small and midsize businesses (SMBs). PhizzleBiz assists small businesses to influence buying decisions through the power of two-way interaction with mobile consumers.

The PhizzleBiz mobile platform allows organizations such as schools, retail establishments, non-profits, restaurants and others to create, distribute, manage and track Short Message Service (SMS) text campaigns to prospective customers in real time. PhizzleBiz is designed to help midmarket companies develop and implement mobile campaigns, including traditional text messaging, voting, promotions and contesting. Subscribers on the PhizzleBiz platform can manage, customize and promote campaigns using text messages, Web pages and social media channels.

The PhizzleBiz platform, developed using features from Phizzle's larger mobile platform that Fortune 500 companies and national sports franchises have used, has been streamlined to meet the marketing and budgetary requirements of SMBs. As small businesses expand their reach using digital opportunities, PhizzleBiz offers a selection of features found in Phizzle's enterprise mobile platform in packages featuring recurring monthly licensing fees ranging from $15 to $125.

PhizzleBiz is designed to make it possible for businesses on a budget to develop and execute mobile marketing strategies using a step-by-step approach. The platform not only offers mobile educational tools but templates for various business verticals to assist businesses in setting up their own strategy. PhizzleBiz also provides a Web-based analytical tool to provide owners with insights into consumer behavior and personal preferences about their customers while focusing on measuring ROI.

"Our PhizzleBiz platform allows SMBs to include mobile in their overall marketing plans on the same platform used by large brands," said CEO Ben Davis. "We've taken key learnings from our enterprise clients and packaged a solution for small businesses that will help drive more sales and improve social media marketing results. Small and midsized businesses are looking for and need new ways to reach customers, generate revenue and implement digital strategies at a relatively low cost."