Qualcomm Readies New Chip Sets

The chip vendor said new chip sets that comply with a patent infringement ruling are now available.

NEW YORK (Reuters)—Wireless chip maker Qualcomm Inc. said on Wednesday new chipsets, designed to comply with a courts patent infringement ruling, were now available and expected to be in handsets before the end of March.

Qualcomm also said it is evaluating options including stays and appeals after a federal judge in California ruled on Monday that Qualcomm must immediately stop selling third-generation, or 3G, WCDMA cellular chips that are seen to infringe on patents of rival Broadcom Corp.

A Santa Ana, California, court ruled last year that Qualcomm infringed three Broadcom patents.

The new chipsets are available to device manufacturing customers for product shipment into the United States. Chipsets for devices aimed at international markets were not affected by the ruling.

(Reporting by Ritsuko Ando)