Questions to Ask: Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Phones

Questions to Ask: Voice-Over-Wi-Fi Phones


* How are phones configured? From the keypad? From an embedded Web interface? Automatically downloading profile from TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server? Other?

* Can the device support multiple profiles? Multiple wireless profiles? Multiple SIP profiles?

* Is it possible to deauthenticate a phone if the device is lost or stolen? If yes, how?

Networking and security

* What wireless network standards does it support?

* What wireless security standards are supported?

• WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) (64/128/256 bit)

• WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access)/WPA2 (with 802.1x support)

• WPA/WPA2 (PSK, or preshared key)

* Can the user conduct scans for wireless networks, or can the administrator lock profiles to specific networks?

* Are NAT (Network Address Translation) traversal techniques supported?

* Is STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP over NATs) supported?


* Which of the following telephony features are supported or available? Make sure features are supported when used with your existing PBX solution.

• call transfer • conferencing • intercom • paging • hold/resume • redial • mute • caller ID • speed dial • park • voice mail notification

* Which of the following options are supported or available?

• speakerphone • headset jack • keypad lock

* Other features?

• instant messaging • e-mail • push to talk • Web surfing

* Other data services?

* Can users or administrators import or export contact list/phone book or user directory?

* How many entries are accepted in phone book?

Voice Quality

* What codecs does the phone support? G.711 a-law/u-law and G.729 are more common

* Can the device handle Layer 3 roams or just Layer 2?

* What is the expected roaming performance? Without encryption? With encryption (WEP, WPA/WPA2–802.1x and PSK)?

* What technologies or features are used to improve roaming performance?

* Does the device offer echo cancellation?


* How much standby time?

* How much talk time?

* How long to fully recharge?

* Can I replace the rechargeable battery?

* How is the device recharged?